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Feb. Selections....

Welcome to the innaugural book for our little club everyone. I'm rather excited.

So the process works like this, you throw your suggestions either here in a post or in the comments sections, and I will add them to the list. As we work through a book, we will throw that out of the list. That way it isn't picked again.

Every month I'll take the new suggestions, as well as the old ones we haven't got to, write them down, cut them up, toss them in the Magic Bag o' Titles, (it's a green satin, drawstring bag), and pull one out. That is the one we will read for the month.

While you are reading, feel free to comment on here. When you are done, feel free to comment. And if you want to make a review of the book for the rest of us, please, feel free to share. However, if you are going to spoil the ending, I do ask that you do hide the review behind a cut, so people can chose to click on it if they desire. The code to do that is...

At the beginning of the part you want to hide you type:
(lj-cut) only use <> instead of ()
At the end of the part you want to hide you type:
(/lj-cut) only use <> instead of ()

And that way people can click on it if they want to be de-spoiled, and not if they want to stay literary virgins.

Anyway, so this month's suggestion, completely from random is...(drum roll inserted here)

Lady Chatterly's Lover, by DH Lawrence.

According to
Perhaps the most famous of Lawrence's novels, the 1928 Lady Chatterley's Lover is no longer distinguished for the once-shockingly explicit treatment of its subject matter--the adulterous affair between a sexually unfulfilled upper-class married woman and the game keeper who works for the estate owned by her wheelchaired husband. Now that we're used to reading about sex, and seeing it in the movies, it's apparent that the novel is memorable for better reasons: namely, that Lawrence was a masterful and lyrical writer, whose story takes us bodily into the world of its characters.

The book sells for used and new on Amazon for around $5, but you can perhaps get it at your bookstore for cheaper. Also, used bookstores might have it as well, so take a gander and see what you find.

Anyway, happy reading all, and enjoy.
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